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An International Inspiration

Blue Angel of Hope welcomes its First International Ambassador, Faith Pendergrass.

At just 20 years old, Faith comes from a Multigenerational Law Enforcement family. Although she is young, she has personally experienced the tragic loss of losing her Grandfather, Retired Stockton Police Officer Jimmy Pendergrass in 2014. Officer Pendergrass was killed on his way to work. It was when BAOH Founder, Kristen Millard reached out to the family by sending a Thin Blue Line Flag that inspired Faith to become an Ambassador for BAOH. The impact that her Blue Family has had in her life is what motivated her passion to pursue the Shooting Sports World. She began competitive shooting of a Shotgun at the young age of nine, and in 2018 (at the age of 17), made Team USA and earned the honor of representing the United States on both a National and International levels.

International Competitions

In 2019, Faith competed in Lonato, Italy, and Suhl, Germany at World Championship events and was honored to return to the states with Four medals and a Championship title. While competitions were put on hold due to COVID-19, most recently in October of 2021, she once again got the opportunity to represent the U.S. at the International level. Faith and her teammates traveled to Lima, Peru to compete in the Junior World Championships, and were once again honored to return with a Gold medal that her team earned together.

Looking Ahead

Faith’s dream is to one day earn a spot on the Olympic team and have the honor of representing the United States on the highest athletic level possible. She is honored to help share the work that BAOH does on a day-to-day basis and educate the world on the importance of supporting Law Enforcement as she continues to travel Internationally. Although Faith is excited to be part of Blue Angel of Hope; however, we are the ones who are honored to have her as part of our Blue family.


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