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Meet Tanya L. Anderson

A little about myself. I am a Single mom, a Small Business owner, an Adjunct Business Professor at a community college, and most of all a follower of Christ!

I became a member of Blue Angel of Hope in February 2017. As a Small Business owner of a rhinestone bling apparel shop, I found a passion for making Thin Blue Line and other Law Enforcement bling designs. Each design I made changed the outlook of the existence of my business. I wasn't just making a bling shirt for a customer but creating clothing that had special meaning to the person wearing it. 

We are living in a changing world in which so much hatred and division are displayed on a daily basis. The respect for authority has diminished and almost seems non-existent. When I received the call from the Lord to be a Blessing to those who serve and protect, I faithfully accepted and thus my journey began. Currently, I am on a mission to make contact with every Law Enforcement  & First Res-ponder Agency in Stockton, California. I will bless them with TBL/First Res-ponder Flags, Plaques, Certificates, and other expressions to thank them for their service. Through these blessings, I hope to share the message that we as people, communities, and a nation must love one another and respect a higher authority.


Isaiah 54:17 says that "No Weapon formed against me shall prosper" My message to all LEOs is to know that you are needed and valuable to the Lord. Your life matters to us, and it truly matters to God. 

Tanya Anderson
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