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Meet Sandi Easton

A little bit about myself. I'm Sandi, Widow to Jason Easton and mother of four amazing children. Jason was a police officer for over 10 years when he was shot in the line of duty in December 2015. We received a flag from Blue Angel of Hope shortly after the shooting. The flag not only served as a symbol of the many civilians who care about law enforcement but also as a sign of hope that this would not destroy us, and make us stronger! After making contact with Blue Angel of Hope (Kristen Millard), I immediately knew that I was being called to help other Officer's families who were going through devastating injuries as well. Blue Angel of Hope has given me the inspiration to go outside of my comfort zone and connect with and support other law enforcement families. Besides joining the Blue Angel of Hope Family, I have been advocating for local and state legislation to protect our LEO's and ensure that they are taken care of in their time of need.  

Meet Sandy Easton
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