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Meet Marc Cavalli

A little about myself.

My name is Marc. I am a US Army veteran (Military Police Corps) for 14 years, and a Federal Corrections Officer (15 years). I grew up in a Law Enforcement family and have a very good idea of what these fine men and women endure every day. Some good friends of mine are police officers now, and I love and appreciate everything they all do. 

In 2016, I founded Joint Task Force 22 to Zero, a non-profit dedicated to PTSD/suicide prevention for ANY and ALL military and 1st Responders. As a suicide attempt survivor and veteran who deals with PTSD, we turned the negative stigmas into positive (I hope). I have since relinquished my roles there and am focused on this now. I literally wear my heart on my sleeve in my love and respect for our police (see photo below).


My idea is to start a Blue Angel of Hope here in NY to let the fine officers of this state know they are thought of and respected here every day. I know what it's like to go to work each day and wonder if this is the day... My personal goal is to have every LEO know they are respected, as well as appreciated every day by more people than they may realize. I would also like to see that the senseless violent acts committed against them (too often) are met with more severe charges to deter them from happening. 

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