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Meet Dale Campalong

A little about myself. My name is Dale E. Campalong, I have had a love and respect for Law Enforcement for long as I can remember. My Dad was always a member of the local Volunteer Fire Dept. wherever we lived and when I graduated High School I also joined. Through that service I met many Police officers because they worked closely with the FD during calls. I left the Fire service after 6 years because of work demands. In 2004 I became a member of a local PD's auxiliary force and remained an active member for 8 years. I made many new friends with Law Enforcement that I still have today and it has only reinforced my respect for the job they do. I first heard Kristen on Blue Lives Radio Podcast and knew I wanted to help her cause. Her story is inspiring and her passion for what she does is genuine and amazing to say the least. Along with helping Kristen through Blue Angel of Hope I decided to honor Law Enforcement in a different way. In my work I have the opportunity to meet "Cops" all the time and I always thank them for their service and give them an American Flag bracelet from It's my small way of making them feel like the job they are doing is appreciated. For quite some time I wanted to do something to show support for Law Enforcement and Kristen helped figure out how even though she probably didn't know that till this writing. I talked with Kristen by phone and I was so honored and amazed by her words and her unending dedication for Blue Angel of Hope that she started because of her love of Law Enforcement, that it just made me more encouraged to do all I can to support become a part of Blue Angel of Hope. I am honored to be an Angel and do not take it lightly to be part of what she does and the seriousness of it. Thank you Kristen you are a true Angel yourself.


Blue Angel of Pennsylvania
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