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Help BAOH Raise Funds

We Need Your Help

We are hoping for your generous and continued support to help Blue Angel of Hope continue to honor Law Enforcement Officers through our Blue Hope Across America flag campaign. For every $30 donation, you would be placing a Thin Blue Line flag in the hands of family members who lost an officer, and send a powerful message that THEIR LIFE MATTERS and no pandemic will isolate our love and support for our Blue Family. 

Without your assistance and sponsorship, we won’t be able to reach our goal this year. We hope you are able to contribute to either event (or both), and we appreciate your commitment to Law Enforcement and Backing the Blue

Thank you in advance, 

Kristen Millard, Blue Angel of Hope

Kristen Millard
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We need volunteers to serve on the Fifth Annual TBL Fundraiser Dinner Planning Committee. if you can help, scan below:
Monetary Donations

If you would like to donate a Monetary Donation to be used for operating expenses, click the Donations QR Code below.

Sponsor a Flag

For every $30 you donate, you will place a Thin Blue Line flag in the hands of family members who lost an Officer, or an injured LEO. Simply click the QR Scan Button below.

If you would like to become an Official Blue Angel of Hope Sponsor, click the Become a Sponsor button to the left.

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