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Meet Kristen Meyer-Millard, Founder

A little about myself. I wanted to be a Cop, but just didn't think I could handle too well the types of people you often have to deal with (Especially COP KILLERS)!

On January 15 ,2013, Galt Police Department, California, suffered their first LODD, a K9 Officer, Kevin Tonn, # 172. It was then that my heart was filled with so much sadness that I HAD to get involved and do anything I could to start giving back to those who give so much to us, the public, without reservation or hesitation daily to keep us safe and protect us.

Long story short, CHAMPGALT ( Community Heroes Appreciation Memorial Project ) was formed. I started serving as their Vice President and on the Second Anniversary of Kevin's EOW, we presented his family, and the citizens of Galt, with the Kevin Tonn Memorial. Pictures are on our Facebook page.

My then 4 year old son, Parker, wanted to go to all of our fundraisers with me and I thought, why not? RESPECT for LAW ENFORCEMENT begins at home and to this day he will walk up to ANY UNIFORM, whether it be a LEO, FF or MILITARY and extend his hand and say "THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE"!  It is the most Awesome thing, as a parent, to witness.

He is duly excited, as am I to GIFT these flags to you. This is purely and solely a gift from our heart to yours. Currently our flags have reached 35 states! It's a double edge sword though, as there is usually a LOSS attached to a flag. I have met so many great people along our Journey. It is my Hope that by gifting you this flag, it brings a ray of sunshine, a smile, or even a brief moment of relief to you, knowing that there are people on your side, Sheepdogs, as I have been called, have your 6. We watch out for you when you are on car stops, or calls, and especially when you are alone. Please take a moment to smile as you open this flag, hang it with pride, and all I want in return is a picture of your flag once you hang it or fly it. To date, we have sent out over 850 flags.

I am on a mission to MAKE A DIFFERENCE! You are Supported, Loved, Cared about, Thought of, RESPECTED and HONORED. Keep your head on a swivel and may St. Michael be with you always!  I am now seeking ways to financially keep this going. With so many attacks on LEO’s each day, I am doing all I can to get these flags sent out the same day. I never wanted to ask for any financial help but I’ve reached a point where I now have to in order to keep Paying it Forward. I am NOT looking to make a cent and I don’t charge people to ship these flags. Please encourage your friends, family and coworkers to purchase a flag and help make a difference in your communities. Thank an Officer today. Please visit my FB page BLUE ANGEL OF HOPE and also and their Give Blue campaign. Tell them Kristen sent you and help make a difference today friends. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE LEO’s…


With much Love and Respect, Kristen and Parker Millard

Meet Kristen Millard

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...its about learning to dance in the rain" unknown....

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