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A Refreshing Welcome to BAOH

Blue Angel of Hope welcomes the Stockton Niagara Water company to our support team! Niagara is known for their motto "Niagara Really Cares," and I have witnessed this to be true. On Saturday, April 22, 2017, Kristen and I had planned on attending the Stockton Fire Department's Community Open House event to present Chief Newman and the Stockton Firefighters with First Res-ponder Flags and a plaque. Due to another engagement, Kristen wasn't able to make it so I planned on going alone. A few days prior to the event, I had contacted Heather Bravo-Martinez (a really good friend of mine) for a different reason. Heather, who works at Niagara's Human Resource department was congratulating Blue Angel of Hope, and all of the other Angels for their commitment to serving Law Enforcement and First Res-ponders in the community. She offered to support our efforts by donating Niagara Water to special events such as this one and other future events we might be a part of. Heather, who's father is a retired Corrections Officer and a former Stockton Police Cadet with over 30 years of law enforcement experience, has always had a special place in her heart for Law Enforcement.

With the full support of Niagara Water, Heather was able to donate 15 cases of water bottles to the Stockton Fire Department's Community Open House. Heather, who is standing behind her daughter Delaney, and next to the firefighter, is also joined by Max Corona and his wife. Max is a Production Supervisor for Niagara and also enjoys giving back to the community.

So the next time you purchase a case of water bottles, please consider this company who truly cares about the community and the people who are dedicated to serve and protect. THANK YOU HEATHER, MAX, AND THE ENTIRE NIAGARA WATER COMPANY.

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