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Meet the Blue Angel of Hope

Lodi, CA – At Thin Blue Line USA, we love receiving stories of passionate law enforcement supporters and the work they are doing to honor our officers. Sometimes these stories include large donations, newspaper features, or even, in rare cases, the creation of a law enforcement non-profit. And sometimes, we are lucky enough to help someone accomplish all of these feats.

Meet Kristen Millard, an amazing supporter based out of California that has made it her mission to give back to law enforcement. Kristen has been connected to Thin Blue Line USA from the beginning, and has donated over 300 Thin Blue Line American Flags to departments across the country. When asked about her involvement with Thin Blue Line USA, Kristen responded “Working with Thin Blue Line USA the past couple of years has been such a Blessing. The personal touch they add to every order really adds a nice feeling when you receive your items. Their customer service is phenomenal! From day one I have said I'd never do business anywhere else and that still holds true two years later.”

Her constant drive to make a difference in her communities is highlighted by Blue Angel of Hope, a non-profit Kristen began in 2016 to help spread awareness of her mission. Her influence has spread to her friends and family, and even inspired us at Thin Blue Line USA to expand the Give Blue Campaign. The Give Blue campaign gives everyone a chance to follow in the footsteps of the amazing work Kristen has done.

Kristen has been a force for positive police awareness for many years, and she has no plans to slow down her efforts. Kristen passionately states in her letter to officers, “I am on a mission to make a difference. You are supported, loved, cared about, thought of, respected and honored.”

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