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Corey Loftice is a United States Army veteran after serving 5 years as a Forward Observer (13F) in the 1st Calvary Division. He has been in Law Enforcement for 7 years.  For the first 2 years, Corey started at the City of Langston Police Department as a reserve officer and leaving as a full-time employee and Chief of Police. Corey is now a part of the Grady County Sheriff's Office in the Patrol Division. He has many certifications including  SWAT, Narc Assault and Air Assault. He serves as an FTO (Field Training Officer) to his peers as well being on the CIT (Crisis Intervention Team) for his community. Over the course of his career, Corey has received recognition and many accolades for his service including a life saving award in 2014 after performing CPR for a victim suffering from a heart attack and two Letters of Commendation for being a certified bad-ass during a gunfight showdown in 2013.

In March of 2016, Corey was diagnosed with lgA Nephropathy and is now End Stage Renal Failure (Stage 5 Kidney Failure). He is currently on the kidney transplant list and anxiously awaiting a positive match. Until then, Corey continues to battle high blood pressure, extreme fatigue, low hemoglobin, and major swelling in his legs. Corey requires weekly dialysis to combat health issues.


I was in a gunfight on December 3rd 2013. Assisting Chickasha PD in a vehicle pursuit. Suspect wrecked out, and fled on foot. I ended up catching up to him in an alleyway between 2 houses, and somehow ended up being the sole LEO present. He acted as if he was surrending, and placed his hands in the air. I gave verbal commands, to which he was compliant at first. When I commanded him to get on the ground, he started to take a knee, then attempted to flee again. At that time I deployed my taser, which was ineffective. He responded by pulling a .357 magnum revolver out of waistband, and we exchanged fire. Luckily he missed me with all his rounds, and I struck him three times, once being in the face. During OSBI's investigation, they determined we were no more than 6 feet apart during the exchange of gunfire. He survived, and is currently serving 25 years in prison.

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