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Special Thanks from Kristen Meyer-Millard, BAOH

When I initially started GIFTING TBL Flags around the Nation, I was pointed in the direction of the Postal Annex in Lodi. Upon explaining to the owner, “D”, my mission and that he would be seeing a lot of me, he offered to store my flags for me along with my cover letters. As I need a flag to go out, I simply send him an email and he sends it out the same day. He lets me come in and pay him at my earliest convenience. He understands the Importance of the Thin Blue Line Flags and what they mean to families left behind. It is a group effort that has collectively allowed me to get my flags out, sometimes before an Officers name is even known. He has been very instrumental in my success of paying it forward and when you are doing this all out of your own pocket, and with the demand that has skyrocketed, the costs add up fast.


I highly recommend D and the Postal Annex on Hutchins Street.

Postal Annex

BlueAngelofHope thanks the Stockton Niagara Water plant for their donations and support

Niagra Water
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